Save Money, And Build Your Own Cheap Computer

If you want to upgrade, customize or build cheap computers you came to the right place. There is money to be saved and knowledge to be gained when you know how to build a customized computer. Let’s get started.
Your objective, an affordable, customized computer, can be achieved in various ways.

You can:

  • Build your own computer from scratch using only the cheap computer parts you really need.
  • Buy a refurbished computer or laptop
  • Buy last years top product and upgrade if and where needed.
  • Upgrade and customize your old desktop
  • Model a bare bone computer kit, so it fit needs.

Every one of these options can save you hundreds of dollars. No need to compromise quality. You will produce a top quality but cheap computer. Plus, in building or upgrading your own system you’ll gain the insight and knowledge to repair computers.

Computer sales people would like you to think that you’re only option is to buy this years “speed king”. I guess they worry about their margins……. More often then not you are much better of with a less expensive system. You can then use the money on specific upgrades, or keep it in your pocket. Remember in the computer hardware business price and quality is only loosely connected.

With this site I want to help you to make a rational decision when it comes to investing in computer hardware. When you keep your eyes open, cheap computer hardware is as good as their more expensive counterparts

Building your own computer is simple. But even if you think: “hey this is not for me”, there is money to be saved. Write down what you need a computer for and buy one that fits your needs. Don’t go for all the expensive bells and whistles you never use.

A top-notch whiz model won’t let you surf the web faster, nor will it speed up your word-processing chores. Last seasons super machine is now a bargain and if you want.. it is upgradeable.

And if you really want a “gaming super monster”, building and customizing one yourself is a superb option as well. YOU instead of a big computer company decide on the exact specifications.

This site will teach you to:

  • Use only the cheap computer parts you need.
  • Fill your “computer desk”, with a machine you have customized to your needs.
  • Save hundreds of dollars without compromising quality.
  • Gain knowledge, become computer hardware literate.
  • Get independent. You can fire those overprized and under-delivering technicians.

Vera Frazier